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At Meadow Montessori our students show their school pride through wearing our uniforms!

Overall, uniforms are cost effective. They eliminate the scramble in the morning of “what to wear” and they create a feeling of oneness and belonging. A sense of loyalty emerges from inside, as does an extra effort to perform at the student’s best. Our students are proud of their uniforms and find them comfortable and easy to wear.

Cambridge Uniforms in North Vancouver serves our school, it is a Canadian company that manufactures 90% of their clothing.

Please open the information letter below for information about ordering from Cambridge.

Uniforms are mandatory for students in Kindergarten through to Grade 7. We also have a simple and comfortable pre-K uniform, but it is completely optional.

We have designated dress down days through the course of the school year, the last Friday of each month,  during which the children can wear denims and dresses, along with their choice of shirts and sweatshirts.

Required items for wear at school are:
  • a collared polo shirt  in white or navy blue with school logo
  • khaki dress pants, knee-length shorts, khaki skort, school tartan skort or tunic (tunics can be worn with shirts/blouses without embroidery)
  • burgundy school cardigan or knit vest with school logo
  • black shoes to wear inside at all times (see next section on shoes)
Optional items:
  • white dress shirt
  • school hoodie (zip sweat shirt) with logo
  • bow tie, tartan hair tie, or head band

Please ensure clothing is labelled with student’s name (especially cardigans, vests and hoodies). We suggest Mabel’s Labels, they are easy and long-lasting (look for our school).

No other outerwear is permissible in class.

During summer (after summer solstice), students are not required to respect the above-mentioned dress code, although it is a requirement that all students (K-7) wear our school t-shirt or polo shirt for field trips.

We also have mandatory gym wear. Please see gym wear section for details.

Unacceptable Attire

On designated dress down days, or during summer the following clothing is not acceptable to wear:

  • Halter tops
  • “cut-off” jean shorts or jeans with holes and tears
  • shorts or dresses/skirts that are shorter than the reach of the end of the child’s fingertips (as an estimated measurement of length) worn without leggings
  • any clothing depicting negative or violent messages/images

Flip flops are not acceptable footwear for any student. It is our recommendation, for the students’ safety, that they wear running shoes, sneakers or strapped sandals on the playground to provide the best protection and coverage during play time.

Basic black shoes are required for wearing in the classroom.  All black athletic shoes are ok but cannot also be used for gym  – since gym class is often outside.

The shoes children wear at school should be good quality and designed for a child. Since they are in these shoes all day it is important buy shoes that will be comfortable and will last. Be sure the shoes are supportive and are completely black.  Flat shoes, without much support, such as Toms, Bobs, Converse, Vans and Ballet style flats are not recommended.

Please label your child’s shoes as these shoes will stay at school and often get placed in a basket with many others. Mabel’s Labels are easy and tough (look for our school).

We suggest the following shops to find good quality, long lasting shoes for your child. Look for their uniform shoes category.

On gym/fitness days (Monday & Friday) the students will change into their gym wear at school which includes the school t-shirt, navy sweatpants/shorts and athletic shoes. Gym wear is to be kept in the mesh gym bag given to all new students. Please help your child get into the practice of bringing their gym clothing home on Fridays to be washed and then returned to school on Mondays.

  • Non-marking, supportive athletic shoes are required for gym and fitness classes. Flat shoes, without much support, such as Converse, Vans and Keds are not recommended.
  • Please label your child’s shoes as these shoes will stay at school and often get placed in a basket with many others. Mabel’s Labels are easy and tough (look for our school).