Our School Fees

Pre-K Day School Fees

Our School participates in the Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative. The reductions are shown on our fee schedule.

The tuition is a yearly amount, and will be due in full, in two payments or in eleven equal installments. These amounts can not be adjusted for holidays, breaks or sick days.

Elementary School Fees

When looking for a school for your child, tuition can often make or break your decision. Although we see tuition as a wise investment in your child’s future, we recognize the plight many families have when providing for their children so we do everything possible to keep our rates low. Many of our families make sacrifices to ensure their child’s experience in elementary school sets a strong stage for the coming years ahead. As a non-profit school,  we invest everything into our programming and staff.To us, it’s all about the children.

We recognize that not everyone can afford our fees so we have financial aid available for qualifying families. If you need to join us, but don’t know how to make it work, please talk to us.

Our school runs a full 10-month program stretched over 11 months for all classes, including our Pre-K classes. In addition to the Christmas and March breaks, we will break for one week at the end of October and one week in May. We finish for the year in the second week of July. Our Summer break is 7 weeks long.

Discounts Grandfathering Tuition  

Sibling Discounts

We recognize the impact that the cost of a Montessori school education can have on families with multiple children. In an effort to assist families considering Meadow Montessori, we have established a tuition discount for families with multiple siblings.

Second child enrolled 5% discount on full tuition
Third child enrolled 8% discount on full tuition
Fourth & subsequent child enrolled
10% discount on full tuition
Grandfathering Tuition Rates

To honor the commitment of long term families, it has been our policy to extend a grandfathering of tuition rates whenever possible. Unfortunately, due to increased costs we cannot continue to do this for our new families.

As of the 2018/19 school year, all new families will not be grandfathered but will be subject to a small incremental increase yearly to cover the costs of inflation.

Exceptions to Grandfathering

In the event that a program’s costs rise dramatically, due to a facility update or lease increase, we may eliminate or adjust grandfathering to better reflect base cost.