Meadow Montessori Maple Ridge Programs

Through research and experience, we know that the first six years of life provide opportunities, never equalled again, to open intellectual and emotional pathways in a child’s life. As Montessori educators, we know that the child has an innate motivation to learn, but it is up to parents and teachers to provide the right environment in these crucial years to help children reach their highest potential. In that sense, choosing a school has become nearly as important as choosing a university. Within the nurturing atmosphere of Meadow Montessori School’s  programs children naturally work with interest and focus developing a habit of concentration and love of learning that will last them all their lives.

Maria Montessori’s ground-breaking research on “sensitive periods” in children’s development, taught us that when children are intensely interested in a certain type of learning they master it with much greater ease and speed than would be possible at another time. This is a key principle of Montessori education. Montessori’s research showed that young children learn best by using their hands, not by looking or listening, so the Montessori materials were developed with that principle in mind. The uninterrupted work period develops the young child’s concentration, focus and independence. Close attention is paid to each child’s interests and needs. Each child develops according to his or her own natural rhythm.

Pre-K (3 – 5 yrs)

Four and five days per week, all day programs are available. Please see our PRE-K program page for curriculum details.

Elementary (Kindergarten – Grade 7)

Returning families have first priority on placement until February 1st. Registration is then opened to those on the waiting list and then to the general public.

Please see our ELEMENTARY program page for curriculum details.

Meadow Montessori Elementary admits children who would be in the equivalent of grades K-7 in the public school system. Classes are Monday through Friday from 8:20– 3:00. Children do not require Montessori experience to be admitted at any grade level. Children without Montessori experience will work with their teacher on an integration plan that will not disrupt their grade level learning.

After-school program (3-5:30) available for our students.  Ask us for details!