Building The Future: Your Parent Association

When you enroll your child at Meadow Montessori School, you automatically become a member of the Parent Association. Meadow Montessori parents have contributed their resources, time and talents to the school since it was founded (by parents!) in 1985.

What do we do?

The purpose of the Parent Association is to keep the school community healthy and rewarding, and to mobilize parent resources for the support of the school. Money raised by the PA goes primarily toward community-building events, field trips and updating materials.
The PA Coordinator holds regular meetings open to all parents, at which school activities are discussed and planned. The PA Coordinator works closely with school administrators, faculty, and staff and serves as a liaison between the parent body and the school staff.
The PA will have a presence at many events throughout the school year. Every parent is needed to help Meadow Montessori thrive. Please participate!
Meadow Montessori’s administrative assistant serves as liaison between the PA Coordinator and the administrative staff; she also provides support for the PA, assisting them with logistics and publicity.

How can you participate?

Attend a PA meeting and/or respond to a call for volunteers sent out in School Communications. Be sure to fill out a Parent Volunteer Interest Form online and please contact our administrative assistant if you have an idea or a suggestion.

Volunteer Policies

We want to include as many parents as possible in volunteer activities. For this reason, we try to avoid having a volunteer serve in the same position for more than two consecutive years (for Room Parents, that means serving no more than two consecutive years in the same classroom). For Committee Chairs, the ideal arrangement is for one Co-Chair to be a veteran of the prior year, while the other Co-Chair is new. This allows the transfer of institutional knowledge while opening up opportunities for leadership. Room Parent and Committee Chair assignments are subject to approval by the Head of School.

All parents, especially when volunteering, are expected to abide by the Meadow Montessori Code of Conduct. The school community depends heavily on parent participation, and the atmosphere of trust and respect here at Meadow Montessori is maintained by the professional and courteous behavior of our volunteers.

Parent Association Activities

Admissions Open Houses
Annual Fund Events
Art Show
Community Service Events
Family Fun Field Day
Grocery and Retail Programs that Give Back
Room Parents