How will my child benefit from a Montessori beginning?

There are countless ways that a Montessori education can benefit your child. Here are just eight of them:
Achieving their personal best

The Montessori approach respects the uniqueness of every child. Each student’s education is tailored to their needs and guided by their own passion and readiness, ensuring that they reach their fullest potential.

Self-discipline and self-control

Montessori children learn to be self-motivated and keep their classroom environment orderly and tidy without external pressure.


The Montessori classroom is one that gives children influence over his or her environment. With the gentle guidance of teachers, the students learn to use their own resources (and the self-correcting quality of Montessori materials) to complete tasks and solve problems.

Real-world skills

The hands-on learning approach means that students don’t just learn concepts and facts, but also practical skills with everyday uses.


 Montessori’s emphasis on free exploration, the joy of discovery, and artistic expression reinforces and develops children’s creative spirit.

Respect, kindness, and empathy

The Montessori method prepares children to be good members of their communities and global citizens by the example through community outreach and by encouraging helpful and kind behaviour among peers in their multi-age classrooms.


Montessori is a form of active learning that makes room for engaged, physical, and energetic activity, all within a caring environment to promote the physical and mental health of every child.

Early literacy

Montessori children usually start reading by the time they are four years old. This improves learning, boosts self-confidence, and starts their education on the right foot.

With all of the advantages it provides, it’s no wonder that the Montessori approach remains a popular choice for parents after all these years. Explore our pre-k, kindergarten and elementary programs or visit us to find out more.