Media Authorization Form - Updated for 2023

Authorization for Use of Student Photos, Work, Activities

During the school year Meadow Montessori may publicize school events and activities. Your child may be involved in a school activity where photographs or video are taken to use in school promotions, school website materials, or media coverage. These events include: displaying student work through activities such as art projects, bulletin board displays and school newsletters; video of classroom activities, concerts and special events; photographing students at school trips and/or assemblies for media publications advertising the school; use of photographs for the school website; using photographs, names and anecdotes in school displays and publications; other publicity initiatives as may be required for school promotion. Should the parents’ circumstances change during the school year, or should parents wish to revoke consent, a written statement revoking consent must be provided to the school.
Student Name(Required)
Section I: Internal use of photographs and/or video.(Required)
Section II: External use of photographs and/or video.(Required)
Section III: Web page use of photographs and/or video.(Required)
Parent/Guardian Name(Required)