Tips for New Preschool & Kindergarten Parents

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The following information will help you and your child settle into school in the most comfortable manner possible.  We understand that sometimes the first school experience can be challenging for both parents and children.  Initially, the ‘novelty’ of school can be somewhat overwhelming and children react in various ways to this new situation.  While some settle in happily, others may be reluctant and have separation anxiety.  Still others may have what we call ‘delayed separation anxiety’ where they are fine for the first 3 to 4 weeks and then begin to have difficulty separating from Mom or Dad.  Usually the reason for this is simply that the ‘novelty’ of school has worn off.  All of these situations are normal and to make the process a little easier, we suggest the following tips:

  • In general, it is best if you prepare your child ahead of time by talking to them about what is going to happen on the first day. For example you tell them that you are going to say goodbye at the door and that you will be coming back after awhile to pick them up;
  • We ask that you do not accompany your child into the classroom, nor stay with them if they are upset, as we have found that this has the effect of prolonging the separation anxiety;
  • Children are usually fine after the parent leaves so we ask that you do not stay around the door so that your child can still see you; if the child is very upset and not able to settle down we will call you to come and get your child, and try again the next day.
  • Regular attendance makes it easier for the child to establish a routine and get to know the other children; it is therefore important to be as consistent in attendance as possible;
  • Remember that if your child sees concern on your face they may copy you and begin to feel concerned about coming into the classroom. If you are OK with leaving them with us, they will be OK.
Please read the Parent Handbook in full so you are well acquainted with the School and its policies; being informed will help you help us serve your family in the best way possible.