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Meadow Montessori offers need-based financial aid for students in our Elementary programs. The goals of our Financial Aid program are: (1) to attract a socio-economically diverse student body, and (2) to provide tuition assistance to families in the school who require it and meet the criteria. Priority for financial assistance goes to families already enrolled in Meadow Montessori. Financial Aid is not currently available for the After School program or the Preschool but subsidies are available through the Ministry of Child and Family Development. Each year the Board designates a portion of the school’s budget to assist families whose financial resources have changed since enrolling or would not otherwise allow them to enroll their children at Meadow Montessori when the school would be of great benefit to the child.

Currently, Meadow Montessori uses Apple Financial Services in Ontario. Apple analyzes financial data provided by the applicant family and provides a need-based financial aid report to the School. Final review of tuition assistance requests are made by the Board, and funds are awarded through the Head of School. Awards are strictly confidential.

Applications for Financial Aid are processed in February for the following academic year; decisions are announced in mid-March. The online application is available at  . Apple Financial can be reached by phone at (613) 395-9300.