Diversity & Inclusivity

The needs of mankind are universal. Our means of meeting them create the richness and diversity of the planet. The Montessori child should come to relish the texture of that diversity.
- Maria Montessori -
By promoting inclusion and collaboration, we encourage each other to be open-minded and appreciative of different ideas.
At Meadow Montessori, we are committed to fostering, cultivating and preserving a culture of diversity and inclusion. We embrace and celebrate the diversity of our world. Our differences —including those of culture, race, ethnicity, religion, age, family structure, sex and sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, socio-economics, learning style, and world view, among others — create a rich environment that is a crucial part of educating children on their path to maturity and global citizenship.

The events of our modern day world demonstrate that no matter where we live, our fates are interconnected.  Our interactions across our entire community are characterized by guiding principles of respect, justice, humanity, equity, peace, and personal responsibility. We feel this approach fosters peace, hope, and opportunity, while cultivating tolerance and understanding. We model and teach these values to provide generations of young people with an excellent foundation for leadership and global citizenship, promoting a future generation with the tools to make our world a better place.

We oppose discrimination and consciously recognize the value of diversity throughout our hiring practices, admission process, classroom composition, professional development, and community activities.

We believe that a complete and future forward educational experience requires an inclusive and diverse community.