The Before and After School Program at Meadow is designed to provide a safe, comfortable, and engaging environment for our Primary and Elementary students before and/or after their school day.
In the morning, children can read, socialize, and choose hands-on materials in one of the classrooms. Students in Primary are sent to their own room. Students in Elementary go to a Lower Elementary classroom.
In the afternoon, our Director of the After-School Program prepares an after-school environment in the Lower Elementary classroom so that children can be independent and enjoy choosing age-appropriate materials, games, art media, etc. Students can take a nap, eat a snack, and enjoy each other’s company in play. Parents are required to supply additional snack in their child’s lunch for ASC. When the playground is available, children go to the outdoor environment for supervised outdoor play. Children may also go for a walk to the parks in our area with their supervisor. ASC personnel are sensitive to the needs of children at all ages and stages of development in creating activities. They guide and encourage independence, positive choices, and collaborative play that fosters positive social relationships.


ASC/BSC Contract

Parents of Primary to Elementary children who need regular before or after school care are advised to sign a BSC and/or ASC contract for the year. A contract can be obtained from the School Office. An annual contract is a considerable savings from the drop-in rate. Partial week plans (a minimum of three days required) are available and are charged on a prorated basis.

ASC Drop in

Meadow Montessori offers the use of the After School Care program on an as-needed basis for currently enrolled Primary and Elementary students only. Staffing requirements and regulatory restrictions limit the number of children in ASP, so checking to see if there is space in the class is required. Please contact the Office at least one day in advance or as soon as you know you need  ASC care.
ASC runs from 3:00-6:00pm. The drop-in fee for use of part or all of each ASC session is $20 per child.

Late ASC Pick-Up

For each child picked up from ASC after 6:00pm, there is an immediate charge of $35. In addition to the $35 charge, for each child picked up after 6:00pm, parents will incur charges of $1/minute. Therefore, the charge for one child will be $36 at 6:01pm, $37 at 6:02pm, etc. Please call if you know you will be late so we can reassure your child. A phone call does not absolve you from the fee.