Admissions Order:

  1. Children presently enrolled in Meadow Montessori School. (Until January 31)
  2. Siblings of enrolled children. (Until January 31)
  3. Waiting list children (Beginning February 1)

Waiting list children are accepted into K-7 programs in the following order:

  1. Children with Montessori experience
  2. Children with a background suitable to our Montessori program
  3. Other applicants

Admissions Criteria:

Pre-K Students

  • Children age 3 by December 31 (September enrollment)
  • Children age 3 by March 31 (January enrollment, if space allows and at the discretion of the teachers)
  • Sufficiently mature as not to be a disruptive factor in the class
  • Able to accept separation from home
  • Is independent in toileting

 Elementary Students (Grades K – 7)

Although Montessori experience is not a necessary requirement to enter our program it is beneficial, therefore; students on the waiting list with previous Montessori experience will be given preference on admission.

A child demonstrating many of the following qualities would be the most likely to succeed in the learning environment of the Montessori Program

  • is able to cooperate in a social group
  • demonstrates respect for themselves, other children and the school
  • demonstrates an eagerness to learn
  • willingness to investigate and take risks
  • is capable of working independently
  • is able to understand and follow school and classroom rules and guidelines
  • is developmentally functional in all aspects of daily school routines
  • ability to follow through and complete tasks


  • understanding of and commitment to the school’s Montessori philosophy, vision and principles
  • understanding and performing their role within the school (e.g. attendance at school meetings and functions, support of school’s vision, adheres to school directives, volunteer hours and policies)

Special Needs

In keeping with the belief that all children can learn and that children learn at different rates, and with the value of including students with a range of abilities, Meadow Montessori embraces the inclusion of students with special needs in the school. This includes children with challenges at either end of the learning spectrum. Within its financial means, Meadow Montessori School will make every reasonable effort to include children with special needs and adapt the environment and program to meet their learning needs, while not compromising the learning needs of other children. Each child’s situation is considered on an individual basis.

Students with special needs often require additional staffing and or staff time to modify/adapt the Montessori program. The demands made on a classroom team are cumulative and the addition of a new student with special needs cannot be looked at in isolation from the remainder of the class. In one classroom scenario a student’s needs can be met, yet in another that same student’s needs may be beyond scope of the resources available.

All special needs student arrangements will be reviewed from time to time ensuring:

  • suitability of the program to the student’s needs
  • capacity of the facility
  • capacity of the teaching staff
All decisions regarding all children at Meadow Montessori are to ensure that the current arrangements of the child’s educational, physical, and social-emotional needs are in the best interests of the child.

Meadow Montessori School does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, colour, creed, religion, sexual orientation, national, or ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, or financial aid programs.