School Fees

When looking for a school for your child, tuition can often make or break your decision. Here at Meadow Montessori we see tuition as a wise investment in your child’s future.  Many of our families make sacrifices to ensure their child’s experience in elementary school sets a strong stage for the coming years ahead. As a non-profit school, we run with a bare-bones approach. We want our kids well-rounded and ready for their future so we invest everything into our programming now.

We recognize that not everyone can afford our fees so we have financial aid available for qualifying families. If you need to join us, but don’t know how to make it work, talk to us.

The school runs a full 10-month program for all classes. In addition to the Christmas and March breaks, we will break for one week at the end of October and one week in May. Our Summer break is 7 weeks long.

The tuition is a yearly amount, and will be due in full, in two payments or in ten equal installments. These amounts will not be adjusted for holidays, breaks or sick days.

The tuition and fee rates for the 2018-2019 school year are as follows:
Program Plan A-

1 payment

Plan B-

2 Payments

Plan C-

10 Payments

Half Day Pre-K

5 days

 $3500  $2142  $1428  $364
Pre-K  -5 day $7500 $4590 $3060 $780
Pre-K  -4 day $7000 $4284 $2856 $728
Elementary $7000 $4284 $2856 $728
After School  –

5 day

$2000 $1224 $816 $208
After School   –

4 day

$1750 $1071 $714 $182




Grandfathering Tuition & Discounts
To honor the commitment of long term families, it is our policy to extend a grandfathering of tuition rates whenever possible.
What is Grandfathering?

When a rise in tuition occurs, a grandfathered family continues to pay the same tuition when re-enrolling.  They are not subject to the increase.

Grandfathering Terms

These are the terms under which we grandfather tuition, when a tuition increase occurs.

  1. You are in good standing with the school with all tuition and fees paid on time.
  2. You are continuously enrolled and do not have a gap of greater than 6 calendar months.

If you leave the school, and do not re-enroll in a program within 6 months, or do not pay your tuition within 10 days of its due date(without arrangement), you will lose your grandfathering.

Exceptions to Grandfathering

In the event that a program’s costs rise dramatically, due to a facility update, we may eliminate or adjust grandfathering to better reflect base cost.